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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Endless Grip of Longing

Deep longing

Never goes away
It remains in the heart
Perhaps held at bay
Only to surface
On another dark day
The journey to wholeness
May seem endless
When you’re feeling hopeless
Lost and forgotten
Your dreams have escaped you
What now is your purpose?

Deep longing

Be gentle with yourself
When in its grip
Be kind
Take your time
And try to understand
This pain will guide you
To a new place and time
Where a light is hiding
Waiting to be found
It was placed in you at your birth
It is the expression
Of your beauty
Your gift
Your true worth

Deep longing

Grief and sorrow over what is lost
Must be honored first
Whatever the cost
The tide of emotions
Inevitable pain
Creates a void
Leaves a space
For something else
To take its place
Trust that the answers will come
Filling that space
That hole in your soul
Your Godself awaits
Joy and passion
Will find expression
Igniting the light
That’s been hiding within

Deep longing

Always remember
The emptiness inside
Make a vow right now
To never forget
Not to dwell
Or stay in the darkness
But to find compassion
And share your light
When others are held
In its endless grip

Deep longing

Comes full circle
Its purpose revealed
When Love is shared
Given away
This Gift of self
Dims the pain
Glowing heartspace
Returns to you
Sustained by Love’s everlasting embrace
Its promise yields

Deep longing...

Copyright © 2010 by Charlene Burgess

"One thing I've learned, as a good friend once told me, 'God doesn't waste a hurt.' I don't believe God causes hurtful things to happen to us; in fact, I believe He's right there with us in our darkest hour crying as deeply as we are over our pain and suffering. I do believe God provides opportunities for us to find and receive His Love in the midst of our deepest sorrow. And He also brings us to healing solutions and discovering ways we can use our experience to help others." ~ C. Burgess


  1. Dear Char,

    Reading this I couldn't help but cry, feeling my own pain and your pain and the pain of countless others, but then your words provide hope, hidden meaning and profound truths, waiting to be discovered and shared with others in abundance:

    Or stay in the darkness
    But to find compassion
    And share your light
    When others are held
    In its endless grip

    This is exactly what is happening in my own life with people I know, my next door neighbor whose husband is gravely ill.

    The purpose of life is indeed not in the suffering itself, but enriching our inner space of compassion and reaching out to others. This is just so beautiful and poignant, it touches me deeply. Thank you Char for sharing your gift of words with the world!


    PS A Lotus somehow holds a special meaning for me, something I cannot explain, a metaphor for life, with the darkness and the light, the pain and the joy and everything in between.

  2. Char,
    So much wisdom is expressed here. I have found that the darkness has been my greatest teacher. It is something I never want to forget nor shy away from because great gifts lie deep down there, waiting for their discovery if we can but embrace the darkness and allow it to instruct (Be gentle with yourself when in its grip, Be kind, take your time, And try to understand, this pain will guide you) . . . beautiful poem and sentiments. Thank you Char for this poem! xoxo, Froggy

  3. Dear Char,
    Your poem is full of wisdom. I am at an age where I have been many times through these dark hours..they made me more human, they guided me to find my way and continue.What would life be if everything was so easy? Hope your daughter is better after reading this wonderful poem honey. I love you..

  4. Dear Char

    I have enjoyed browsing through the whole website and I think that it is very inspiring! Thank you for it all!

    p.s - Would you consider changing the font you use on here? It's very hard to read ;(

  5. Char,

    It's been a while since I last visited your blog. For me, everyone of us grown-ups, no matter how young or old we are, has something that we long for, something we buried in the depth our hearts. Yet the key is so simple. It is right there within us. Giving love to others - true love and caring - and the reward the universe returns will heal the pains. Thank you so much for sharing this gift! Love you, Char!