MJ Reflections

Sunday, October 27, 2013


What can one person do?

I don't know how many times I have asked God, or Michael, or myself this question since the summer of 2009. It seems there are just those times when I feel so small and helpless to do anything to make any kind of difference in this world - especially when I think about all of the lives Michael changed for the better during his lifetime and the incredible impact he has had on the world in so many ways! It seems that his version of what one person can do is so much grander than mine... right?

Well, I guess I just need reminding every now and then that for most of us, making a difference in this world is not about grandiose gestures of kindness and generosity such as those Michael was able to do because of his fame and wealth. It's about each one of us doing our part in our own little corner of the world to live our life in such a way, day by day, that even small acts of genuine caring and respect toward others will make a day better for someone else, or even change their life! Come to think of it, Michael also did many 'small' acts of kindness that went mostly unrecognized at the time. How many stories have we heard since 2009?

We can rest assured that even our small gestures of kindness are not insignificant when we realize that one simple act of caring is a spark of light and love that will spread and grow as those who are touched by our caring decide to pay it forward. And the ripple continues its journey all around the world, changing lives one by one along the way. This is the 'force' that assists human consciousness in its evolution toward Oneness. We are not separate, nor are we ever alone.

It is easy to get discouraged at times and to wonder if our small acts of kindness are really making that much of a difference. Especially when we don't often see the effect of our actions directly. Or when we look around us some days and see only selfishness and greed, feeling that it is much bigger than anything we could ever do to change it! It is precisely during these times of discouragement that we must persevere and remember the larger vision. Michael is our most perfect example. He never gave up, even when he certainly must have lost his hope for humanity at times. He kept going because he just knew...

Everything we do makes a difference... and giving up is not an option!