MJ Reflections

Monday, October 31, 2011

This Is It

This month’s Major Love Prayer was no doubt one of the most powerful I have experienced so far. I felt as if I was very clearly focused and I had an amazing visualization in the midst of my prayers. I was hanging around outside the courthouse in LA, mingling with others who were there for the same purpose - waiting for the verdict in the Conrad Murray trial to be announced. There was a palpable energy in the air - the energy of anticipation as we waited for the final word from the jury to come down. Almost 2 ½ years since Michael’s death, and an ocean of tears later, we were finally going to have some kind of resolution to the question that had been hanging over this inconceivable injustice far too long. Would Murray be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and would he be sentenced to the maximum prison term of 4 years for this crime? As meager as this sentence seems for the substantial loss of the life of Michael Joe Jackson to this world, it would at least give us a sense that some sort of justice was being served.

As I mingled with other fans, I could feel Michael’s presence among us. The anticipation built to a crescendo of emotions that were overflowing from all of our hearts in those moments of waiting. But there was also a lightness in the air - a sense of excitement and a feeling of celebration as we shared our common love for this one incredible human being. We all knew how abundantly blessed we were to have been touched by Michael’s spirit! And we knew that more and more people around the world were being awakened to the truth of his essence and his purpose because of this trial.

As the energy continued to build in the crowd, people started gathering into a prayer circle. There were several hundred people there - the circle was huge! As we bowed our heads to pray, I felt Michael by my side, holding my hand. There was a warmth from his hand that traveled up my arm and spread through my entire body. His love and concern for all of us was very evident to me. I could also feel his joy over the love we were all sharing because of him and also over the fact that he could be there with us! He squeezed my hand once, as if sending me a signal that everything was going to be alright.

Then, in the middle of our prayer, we heard a massive whooshing sound overhead. We looked up at the courthouse building and there were white doves flying out of every single window in the building! The sky quickly filled with hundreds of doves as cheers rose up from the crowd. Even though we did not hear the verdict, we knew it had been announced and there was much joy and celebration as we all lifted our hands up to the sky!

I’ve been pondering this visualization all week, assuming that the verdict had been 'guilty', even though I did not hear it during my meditation. And I realized something new as I was discovering and downloading ‘new’ videos of Michael this weekend. It’s almost as if they were coming out of the woodwork - full-length versions of concerts and interviews and 'making of' specials that I have never seen before!! I wondered “why are these videos showing up now?” Just like those doves filling the sky, it has been like an outpouring of Love - a celebration of Michael’s life and work! I have cried more tears - tears of sorrow for what happened to him and tears of joy for knowing him and experiencing his love! I realized today as I sat down to write this devotion that no matter what the verdict is in this case, we will always be able to celebrate Michael. What he has given us will never cease to exist. THIS IS IT… his message… his work… his love… will live forever, and the verdict cannot change that!

Rejoice in You!

Thank you, beloved
for blazing your brilliance into my world
For showing me that real Love
is more than a dream
It wraps itself around and inside of my being
when you touch me
When your light descends
from the moon and the stars
To warm my heart,
caress my soul
And you whisper
a promise of your everlasting glow

You are now forever young, my love
You fly on the wings of pure white doves
Nothing escapes you
Everything seeks you
The earth and the heavens
Rejoice in you!

In the silence of midnight
I find you
In the quiet of my soul
you linger
Singing your song
You extend an invitation
to Love… compassion… sanctuary… vision
A glorious future paved with gold
and the brilliant colors of your dreams
Your mission to behold!
All that was yours
is now mine, it seems

You are now forever young, my love
You fly on the wings of pure white doves
Nothing escapes you
Everything seeks you
The earth and the heavens
Rejoice in you!

2011 © by Charlene Burgess

Photo Credits: Above photo-art (Courthouse & MJ with arms spread)
provided by Major Love Prayer - Thank You MLP!!

Monday, October 24, 2011


When we have challenges
that seem to weigh us down

May Perseverance be our strength

When we have lost someone we love
and don’t think we can go on

May our sustenance be our Faith

When we have been hurt
by the words or actions of others

May Love be our weapon of choice

When we are worried about the future
and other worldly matters

May Hope be our vision’s voice

God has given us all that we need
to Persevere
to live our Faith
to Love
and to embrace Hope

May we always remember
to seek Divine guidance
and to use these gifts bestowed


© 2011 ~ Charlene Burgess

Monday, October 3, 2011


May the music remind us that Hope abides
Within each heart where it never dies

They cannot take what lies within
It’s ours to hold, it’s where Love begins

Hope remembers that soft place to land
Where beauty and truth are close at hand

When everything seems made of stone
Hope’s light will lead you home

So reach within where the music lies
Where Hope lives on and never dies

Copyright © 2011 Charlene Burgess

“Remember, Red…
Hope is a good thing
Maybe the best of things
And no good thing ever dies.”
~ Andy ~
from the movie, Shawshank Redemption

Southern Oregon Coast - photo by C. Burgess
(Yes, Red… the Pacific IS as blue as you’ve seen in your dreams!)


We carry in our hearts
All that He has given us…
His Music… His Joy… His Life
He wants us to remember
To always remember
He’ll be right by our side
For all time

We hold it dear
This gift eternal…
His Love… His Hope… His Light
He lives in us
And will never part
For we are always
First and foremost in His heart

Copyright © 2011 Charlene Burgess