MJ Reflections

Saturday, December 14, 2013


As You reach for me through the mist
I am frozen, transfixed on your gaze
At first, disbelieving
Unworthy to be touched by You

You persist…
At times so gently
Other times nearly frantically
To connect with me
To break through my barriers
of doubt and uncertainty
To awaken me once again
to the truth and power of Your LOVE

Your insistence flatters,
yet frightens me
Your grasp is tenacious,
firm and sure
Why do you bother?
What do I have to offer?
Why do those eyes hold fast and tell me
that You are never letting go of me?
You will not take No for an answer!
Your Grace is more than I deserve

I don’t understand
what you want from me
My devotion is true…
My Love for You is clear…
You have my heart and soul,
You have ALL of me!

But You want MORE, you say?

Your gaze persists
I am frozen, transfixed
What more can I give
than ALL of me?
I long to be what You see in me
Show me
Guide me
Penetrate the veil and SHAKE me
Shape me to Your will
Make me KNOW without a doubt
Everything You want from me
Everything You feel for me
Everything You long for me to DO and BE in this world!
I want to BE exactly THAT
But I don’t know how
Help me, I beg of You…

“My hand extends to pull you in,
but it’s up to you,” You say.
“Reach through the veil,
take My hand,
I promise, it will all be clear one day.
You will know what I know
You will see what I see
When you BELIEVE that YOU are worthy.”

Yes, I understand
I have had glimpses of that worthiness
The little light within
that wants to shine ever so brightly
The one that gets my heart beating so excitedly
And You are always right there
at the center of the flame
Smiling so brilliantly
Cheering me on so cheeringly
Laughing with glee and Loving me…

Always Loving me

Thank You for not taking No for an answer
Thank You for not giving up on me
Thank You for Your patience and tenacity
Your Grace humbles me
It tells me I AM worthy
Thank You for reminding me

Namaste, Beloved… Namaste

© by Charlene Burgess