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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

True Friends Together Again

Mike's friend Elizabeth...that beautiful lady who was like a warm cuddly blanket to him. They are together again in heavenly bliss! I believe they were true soulmates and no doubt, eternal friends. Since June 25, 2009, I have often thought about the day of her re-birth and what a joyous celebration it would be for them to be reunited in spirit! She was by far the best friend Michael ever had and she was his most loyal advocate. She knew him better than anybody and never hesitated to speak up on his behalf. God knew he needed a friend like her. I am so happy for him that he has her by his side again - imagine the work they can do and the fun they will have together! Two beautiful free spirits! I am only sad for us that we will no longer have her here to speak her mind. She was a bold, beautiful, no-nonsense kind of woman. I love that about her! Yes, she will be missed...

I just need to say
While I’m standing here in front of you
Thank you for the joy
And the tears

I am a part of you
And you a part of me
You can see right through
To everything in me there is to see

You know me inside and out
You’ve heard me cry
You’ve heard me shout
And you’ve seen me smile
At what you are about

I just wanna thank you
For being my friend
For staying with me
Through thick and through thin

Such loyalty and trust
Can never be replaced
So, forgive me if I make a fuss
My friend…
But you’ve touched me with your grace

Copyright © 2010 by Charlene Burgess

In loving memory of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
"Dame Elizabeth"
February 27, 1932 - March 23, 2011

A Legend and a true Lover of Life
And the best friend Micheal Jackson ever had!


  1. While her family and friends will undoubtedly miss her very much and grieve for her, Michael will welcome his best friend into heaven where they can be together forever! Thank you Char for this wonderful poem in loving memory of a Dame who was beautiful, inside and out!

  2. This is gorgeous Char. And I just love that picture of our Beautiful One with that magaizine of Liz. He loved her like crazy <3<3<3

    Siren xxx

  3. Char, what a beautiful tribute to another unforgettable legend. Their love for one another shone through and your poem documents this. We can all sleep a little easier tonight knowing Michael has his beautiful friend Elizabeth standing beside him again♥

  4. I love your tribute,2 beautiful legends together again.Least Michael has Elizabeth now and they can look out for each other.They will live on forever in my heart.

  5. Char I love your tribute. Mickie's video is wonderful too. Rest in Peace Michael and Elizabeth, you will be missed..Love you Charlene. :)

  6. Two beautiful legends together again in Heaven. We miss you both, Michael and Elizabeth!

  7. Thank you Charlene for such a beautiful tribute.
    I loved your poem it is so appropriate and fitting for Michael and Elizabeth's friendship throughout the years. Im feel very honored and happy that you used my video to compliment this loving tribute.

    God Bless, I Love you :)
    Mickie (Qbee)

  8. Char, I love your poem.
    Describes the love and unite they have for each other soulmates! God meade them friends. They had so much troubles in their lives, they were child stars...they were famous and millionarie, but above of that they were a wonderful souls with true love for mankind, sensitive and generous. Of course the heavens are glad they are reunited there now, smiling and sending their major love to us! My Saint Lord bless their souls forever.
    Thank You Char <3<3<3
    I love you,

  9. Charlene, This is so beautiful. Thank you for expressing one more time what was in my heart. I am in tears. I just know that Michael was there for her with open arms as she passed on to heaven. They are together once again for all eternity. The poem was so beautiful and the video at the end did me in my dear friend. ;( *tears streaming* The world is a darker place without them both... they gave so much LOVE. They were such bright and shining stars on so many different levels.
    Much love to you Charlene,

  10. I am feeling breathless and all choked up. But I do feel very comforted by the lovely thought that Michael has Elizabeth with him again. And another thing that is soothing my pain is the Spread The Love mission, by writing his messages of faith, peace and love in pretty cards and leaving them in public places, like a beauty spot or on a bench in a park. That is wonderful.

    Nina. UK.

  11. Wonderful tribute you did for Liz Taylor! I'm happy that she and Michael are now together in spirit! Much love to her, to Michael and to you, Charlene ^_~