MJ Reflections

Saturday, July 7, 2012


My beloved ones…
In you, I have made all things new
casting out old ways that are no longer useful
Be on the lookout for all I have prepared for you

You will know My wish for you
when you look upon a child
and see God in the face of a newborn babe
Innocent and bright
Fresh from the womb
Carrier of My dreams
Another chance to get it right
The ultimate expression of My Love for you

With an open mind and Love in your heart
You will see with new eyes
all that surrounds you
The beauty and grandeur of the natural world
Light, color, music and form
Life in all its shapes and sizes
The Divine order in all of Creation
And the rhythm of the Universe
as it pulses through the ages

A bold and radiant light is in YOU
You are My hope for the future
You are the expression of My Love
Draw near to Me with a thankful heart
Recognize the blessings bestowed upon you
and rejoice in the Love that is here!

I long to make your life a glorious adventure
Do not fear the unknown
Trust in Me to carry you through
Lean on Me, and believe Me when I say
Nothing will separate us
as you let go of old ways that are no longer useful
…and you begin anew!

Copyright © 2012 by Charlene Burgess