MJ Reflections

Monday, June 25, 2012


There is nothing random about your life
You are on a path of My choosing
The truth is…
You are Mine
My Joy, My Soul
All the best of Me

Moment by moment
I reach for you
Will you be there?
Every moment is alive with My presence
Will you BE in each moment with Me?

I will walk with you and stay in your heart
Because I have chosen you
But to know My presence,
You must also choose Me

Will you say “Yes!”
Will you stay with Me?

Your heart is intimately connected with Mine
As it shall be each and every moment
You choose to receive
The Gift of My Bliss

As you surrender more and more of yourself to Me
In constant sweet communion we’ll be
Your worries will cease
And your heart will know only My Peace

There is simply no more time
Will you be there?
Will you still care?
My Chosen One…

Surrender your will to Mine
Let My Spirit direct all your steps
So that we may forever walk together
Along the path of Peace and Love Divine

Copyright © 2012 by Charlene Burgess