MJ Reflections

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

True Friends Together Again

Mike's friend Elizabeth...that beautiful lady who was like a warm cuddly blanket to him. They are together again in heavenly bliss! I believe they were true soulmates and no doubt, eternal friends. Since June 25, 2009, I have often thought about the day of her re-birth and what a joyous celebration it would be for them to be reunited in spirit! She was by far the best friend Michael ever had and she was his most loyal advocate. She knew him better than anybody and never hesitated to speak up on his behalf. God knew he needed a friend like her. I am so happy for him that he has her by his side again - imagine the work they can do and the fun they will have together! Two beautiful free spirits! I am only sad for us that we will no longer have her here to speak her mind. She was a bold, beautiful, no-nonsense kind of woman. I love that about her! Yes, she will be missed...

I just need to say
While I’m standing here in front of you
Thank you for the joy
And the tears

I am a part of you
And you a part of me
You can see right through
To everything in me there is to see

You know me inside and out
You’ve heard me cry
You’ve heard me shout
And you’ve seen me smile
At what you are about

I just wanna thank you
For being my friend
For staying with me
Through thick and through thin

Such loyalty and trust
Can never be replaced
So, forgive me if I make a fuss
My friend…
But you’ve touched me with your grace

Copyright © 2010 by Charlene Burgess

In loving memory of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
"Dame Elizabeth"
February 27, 1932 - March 23, 2011

A Legend and a true Lover of Life
And the best friend Micheal Jackson ever had!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Through the Long Dark Nights

Before the earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck Japan a little over a week ago, I had plans for my next blog post and it was in the process of coming together. I had gathered bits and pieces of things I had already written on the subject, including a poem, and all I had to do was wrap my brain around how I was going to present it and start typing. Simple enough, right?

Then on March 11, news of the earthquake in Japan came to my attention, and as more and more information became known and more and more images were seen on the internet, I found myself to be suddenly mute. I was struggling to find words. I couldn't even make a simple comment in response to friends' posts on facebook or messages via email. I tried, but... nothing! I kept thinking about the children... and Michael - how absolutely heartsick he must be to see these beautiful children in a country he loved so very much dealing with such horrible devastation! This was weighing so heavily on my heart, that everything else seemed empty and pointless compared to the thought of these little ones living the darkest days of their lives.

I had a very strong feeling that Michael would be there, doing his Angel thing - whatever he could do to save some and comfort others. And while life carried on as usual all around me, I felt somewhat detached as if I was circling overhead, watching what was going on below, not quite sure where to land or where my presence would be the most help or to whom. I donated what I could financially to the relief efforts, and I just kept praying... for the children and their families... for the rescue workers... for Michael.

A week later, I knew I wasn't going to write what I had originally intended to write, but I needed to write or do something... anything... to recognize what was going on over there. I couldn't sit here in my comfortable home with my comfortable life and act as if it wasn't happening! I could feel their pain, their fear, their sorrow and their confusion. I finally broke down and shared with a friend how I was feeling... then the words started to come.

For the children of Japan... and for Michael...

Oh children, my children
Have no fear
I hear your cries
I feel your pain
And I am here

Oh children, my children
My heart weeps with you
Through your deepest despair
I will be there
Take my hand
I will lead you to safety
Don’t give up the fight
I will hold you and comfort you
Through the long dark nights

How do you tell a child
"Do not fear"
When their world is shattered
into a million pieces
When mud floods their playground
And splinters are all that remain
of their home, their space
Where loved ones once dwelt
In their warm and safe place

How do you tell a child
"Don’t despair"
When they don’t even know
if their mommy or daddy
can be found anywhere
If their brother or sister
are buried in the mud
When time stands still
and they wonder,
Is this God’s will?

How do you tell a child
"It’s going to be alright"
When their world has fallen down
all around them
When destruction and mayhem
are all they can see for miles and miles
Day after day
And night after night

How do you tell a child
"Go to sleep now
Try not to worry
God loves you, you know"
When all they can think of is,
How did this happen?
What will become of my life?
Who will take care of me
and tuck me into bed at night?

How do you say
"Hang on little one
The sun will shine again
I promise you will see
another bright day"
When the days are unbearable
too painful to stay
And the long dark nights
only remind them
that nothing will ever be the same

They'll know you are there
when you take their hands
and lead them to safety
And you caress their little heads
ever so gently
to show them you care
Your healing touch
will get them through
their darkest despair

Someday they’ll look back
and remember
The One who touched them
with love and tenderness
You gave them strength to get through
You gave them hope anew
Sharing your light
You gave comfort and courage
through the long dark nights

They’ll remember…
And be blessed

Copyright © 2011 by Charlene Burgess

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Michael's Gift

 Thank you, dear Michael
For sharing your magic
Your wonderment of all things sacred
The moon and the stars
The mysteries of the universe
Your appreciation for beauty and innocence
And your childlike awe at the miracles of nature
As if you were seeing it all for the very first time

Thank you, dear Michael
For inviting me to be a child again
To experience the reverence forgotten
To hold a caterpillar in the palm of my hand
And giggle at the way it tickles
To imagine what lies beyond the stars
And to know that anything is possible wherever you are

Thank you, dear Michael
For the gift of your light and your love
Your heart and your soul
Have become a part of me
Thank you for helping me to feel again
For bringing me back to my heartspace
Reminding me that all that really matters in life
Comes from the heavens above
That music is the only true language of love
And all of creation sings her song

Thank you, dear Michael
For sharing your enchantment
For making it possible to dream
To believe in magic and moonbeams
And to know what you know…
That everything is exactly as it was created to be
And all we need do is open our hearts
To see with new vision what is already there

Thank you, dear Michael
For your message to a world in sorrow
An evening’s sunset
A colorful rainbow
Or a shooting star
To remind us that you are always here
And even from afar
You are guiding us toward a better tomorrow

Copyright © 2010 by Charlene Burgess