MJ Reflections

Sunday, December 25, 2011


In the middle of a forest
There's a clearing by a stream
Where a mother holds her newborn
And the child begins to dream

And he dreams of hopes unspoken
When the tears of man will cease
And his mother holds him closer
For he is the Prince of Peace

And the moon is looking downward
Casting shadows through the trees
And the stars are shining brighter
As they whisper what they see

How the emperor and the pauper
With the lion and the lamb
Kneel down before the infant
For his peace they understand

Let the bells ring out the news
Let it echo across the land
That a king is born this day
And his kingdom is at hand

Let the world rejoice together
As it looks upon the stars
Knowing every man's our brother
And that every child is ours

Yes, he dreams of hopes unspoken
When the tears of man will cease
To the emperor and the pauper
He IS the Prince of Peace!

~ adapted from lyrics on
Trans-Siberian Orchestra's album:
"Christmas Eve and Other Stories"


Light looked down and saw darkness.
"I will go there," said Light.

Peace looked down and saw war.
"I will go there," said Peace.

Love looked down and saw hatred.
"I will go there," said Love.

So the Lord of Light,
the Prince of Peace,
the King of Love
came down and lived among us.

~ "Cloth for the Cradle," Iona Community ~


Reconciling God, you have bridged the gap between darkness and light. May we move closer to the Light of Christ with each passing breath. Amen.

Monday, December 19, 2011

O Christmas Sun!

“O Christmas Sun! What holy task is thine! To fold a world in the embrace of God!”
~ Guy Wetmore Carryl ~

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
O Christmas Sun, My Love, My Light
You’ve given me strength to endure the night
In a fleeting moment you did appear
You gave me hope, took away my fear
You touched my soul, so deep, so true
And brought me joy at the sight of you
Your heart is warm, your beauty bright
Your gift is Love, My Sun, My Light!
Forever and Always, Michael…
“I thank God!”
~ Charlene ~

Copyright © 2009 by C. Burgess

My very first poem - written at the end of my very first Christmas retreat at the ocean - during which I had my very first vision of Michael on the evening of Christmas Day. I have never told anyone about this vision because I’d never had an experience like this and I didn’t quite know what to make of it. I’ll never forget it though!! He communicated a few things to me somehow - I don’t know - telepathically or something. The very first thing he said was “I thank God! I didn’t know where you were!”... like he had been searching for me!

As we approach Christmas, I just wanted to share my little miracle from 2 years ago with you today. May God bless you all this Christmas season with Love, Peace and Joy beyond measure. And also...

Remember the Gift, the sweet Kiss of Love
Magical Child sent to earth from above.
In all you do and all you say, may it be expressed with Love this day...
and every day along the way!

Copyright © 2011 by C. Burgess

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Greatest and the Least of Me

- Photo by C. Burgess -
Northern California Redwoods
July, 2009

How many times will my faith be tested
How many times must I face this wall
How can I be sure of this path where you have placed me
when I continue to stumble and fall

Two years long this journey has been
Two years short I’ve been in heaven
Finding you, finding me
Oh, this journey would be
the greatest and the least of all of me

Learning to fly so high in the sky
Daring to chase my demons away
You’ve shown me how to deal with doubt
My fear be gone with a simple song
and a choice to change what I see is wrong

But once in a while something will trigger
an old habit, belief, or unreasonable fear
And then again my faith is tested
I face that wall, I stumble and fall

Doubt and fear loom large and near
Take over my being and make me believe
for an instant… I have no significance
And you are simply a figment of my wildest imagination

Then I choose once again to believe in you, my friend
To believe in me and this fateful journey
It’s your love that moves me
to rewrite my history

How many times can I say thank you again
How many times will my faith be tested
And how many times will your love remain

Copyright © 2011 by Charlene Burgess

My deep LOVE and gratitude to you, Beloved, for continuing to nudge me through these stumbling blocks and on to the next level of this incredible journey!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Star Light, Star Bright

Star light, star bright
Twinkling in the moonlight
My soul rejoices at the sight
Of your brilliance on this glorious night!

Love is reflected in your shimmering glow
Millions cheer as you put on your show
Heavenly wonder from the very start
The beginning of time, the first beat of your heart

I can only imagine the secrets that lie
In the vastness of universes beyond the sky
Mysteries unfolding in time and in space
Singing a song only God can trace

Star light, star bright
Twinkling in the moonlight
My soul rejoices at the sight
Of your brilliance on this glorious night!

Your beauty is truly a sight to behold
The dance you perform for the angels unfolds
Giving life to the heavens, keeping time to the beat
The wind holds the rhythm, creates passion and heat

Your greatness is evident, your purpose so clear
How can I measure up, I’m not even near
My very existence on this planet called Earth
Is nothing more than a grain of sand, a speck of dirt

Star light, star bright
Twinkling in the moonlight

Your reason for being seems much grander than mine
But the truth is we’re both in line
For a love so great, God has gifted us the feeling
Each holding a spark in our hearts worth revealing

The love held within must be shared or, you see
The light will go out, we can’t let that be
Sparkle and shimmer ‘til the end of all time
Pass it on, make a difference, save a life, let it shine!

Star light, star bright
Twinkling in the moonlight
My soul rejoices at the sight
Of your brilliance on this glorious night!

Your warmth will stay on, reside in my heart
As long as you dare to keep twinkling in the dark
Light my world, star bright, inspire me within
To be all that I can be, share my gift, all that’s given!

Copyright © 2010 by Charlene Burgess

Friday, December 2, 2011

You Are There

In the stillness that surrounds me
A velvet hum fills the air
Your love envelops me
And I know you are there

Listening to the wind as it rustles through the trees
Whispering in my ear Creation’s story
A soft gentle breeze
Tells me you are there

In the sky so blue
Bright and cool
Clear as the waters of a tropical sea
You are there watching over me

In the flame of a candle
Or a crackling fire
The warmth of your love
The heat of your desire
Reaches for me in the darkness
Melting my fear
And I know you are there

In the music that speaks to me
Of love in paradise
Heaven’s in our hearts
And the dawn’s forever different
Because you are there

God’s gift for all time
Waiting and wondering no more
His love has opened the door
And you are there

Tears of gratitude
Flow from my heart
This gift eternal
Will never part
And I know you are there
Until the moon stops glowing
Or the stars refuse to shine
In other words
Until the end of time

Copyright © 2010 by Charlene Burgess