MJ Reflections

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Greatest Mystery of All

Photo art created by Billie Jean
Used with permission - Thank you BJ!

* * * * * * *
Our private rendezvous is coming to an end
Remembering our time together
Every moment precious
Time has been our friend
These sweet memories will stay
Keeping me alive 'til one bright day

I came to find answers
to questions that are haunting
Where do I go from here?
What more does life have in store for me?
How may I use my gifts to your glory?
Tell me, how shall I continue this journey?

Even as I prepare to leave
Returning to my life
of aching arms and broken dreams
I still don’t know what the future holds
Except that I’ll be getting old!
The answers don't always seem so clear
Tell me now, so I can hear you

This life is such a mystery
Profound and deep when you hold the key
But it’s much more simple than you expect
Just keep your head up and do your best
What else can I say beyond all that?
But Love is the key that keeps you on track
And therein lies the greatest mystery of all
How can something with no shape or form
hold you upright and not let you fall?

It’s in your spirit, your very soul
The energy that makes you whole
You don’t even need your physical form
Except to take action and get the job done
Make your presence known
On this earth, in this time
And do all you can to set things straight
Make it all rhyme

You don’t even need to steer this ride
'Cause God is at the helm
Just trust... and He will guide
He is the Maestro, the Conductor of Souls
He’s the only One who really knows you…
Because He made you

Look around you, see what He’s done
It’s all as it should be, in perfect order
This masterpiece of creation
Why do you question the Maestro’s word?
Why do you doubt the ultimate power?
Just accept His love
He wants you to have it
And be about living in the light
‘til it becomes a habit!

The answer you've been seeking
lies within, if you understand it
The greatest mystery of all
isn't really a mystery
It is Love, pure and simple
Give it away...
then you will have it!

And all the rest will fall into place...

Copyright © 2011 by Charlene Burgess

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Creation's Plea

Spring is here
Showing its color
Peeking out from under
Winter’s blanket, soft and warm
The sun brings forth new life in every form

Snow is melting, setting free
Lifeblood of the earth
Waters flow to the sea
The circle of life continues its journey

The wind blows gently
God’s breath, Holy Spirit
Gives life so freely
Whispers of love, you can hear it

All things of the earth
Living, breathing, sacred worth
Their song must be heard
It’s our choice to preserve
This gift from the heavens, so lovely a jewel
God granted this planet, our home for awhile

Treasures upon it for our enjoyment
Survival, recreation, even employment
It sustains our lives, gives food to nourish
Sweet music to listen, and beauty to flourish

We must cherish the value of this great gift
Entrusted to our care
Our home together with all things living
It asks that we learn to share

Survival of the fittest was part of the plan
But killing with malice and raping the land
Was not the intent
We’ve lost respect
Man’s power abused
God is not amused

Creation cries out, her music speaks
Her tone, her rhythm, her very heartbeat
Listen, you can hear the plea
Of nature’s call to you and me

The undertones of pain and suffering
Heard across the planet
Creation groans, asks for an offering
Of peace and good will, our commitment to save it!

Copyright © 2010 by Charlene Burgess