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Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's Just Something About Michael

On August 29, 1958 a little bundle of energy and magic named Michael Joseph Jackson entered this world and would leave it forever changed on June 25, 2009 when his earthly life ended at the age of 50.

Such a short time for one gentle soul to make such a huge impact! But it was his gentle spirit which ended up being exactly what the world needed. We just didn’t know it yet! Many around the world would experience an overwhelming awareness of the true spirit of Michael following his death. And there are many more who have yet to discover the depth of this tender soul and his reason for being on this planet. Time will reveal even more of the profound truth of this unlikely messenger who was sent here to show us the way to love. His brilliant light shone brightly for nearly 51 years, 40 of which were lived in the spotlight of the world on the musical stage. His star reached heights unknown to any other artist before him and will likely remain unreachable for generations to come. This little fella with a heart as big as Texas blessed us with his talent, his charm, his childlike spirit, his humility and his genuine love and compassion for others.

In 1969 when the Jackson5 signed with Motown Records and hit it big right out of the starting gates with 4 consecutive #1 hits, things would never be the same for their youngest member and lead singer, Michael. He was magnetic, super talented, a natural at singing and dancing, and cute as a button to boot! This young entertainer was born with an immense gift, and his talents were as natural to him as breathing - you can’t teach that. Even when he and his brothers were all doing the same dance moves, there was just something about Michael - your eyes would naturally be drawn to him. It's been said that there could be 60 of the best dancers on stage with him, all choreographed and dancing their hearts out, but you would still only watch Michael. He didn’t just have the “it factor”, he was the it factor! He didn’t just have the beat, we was the beat, as Debbie Allen so aptly stated. Michael’s mother, Katherine, has said that from the time he was born, she knew he was special. She said he didn’t have the same jerky movements that most babies have. His movements were smooth and controlled even as an infant. She has also told the story of when Michael was a baby, still in diapers, dancing and moving in perfect time to the rhythm of their old warn out washing machine. You can’t teach that!

Throughout his career, the energy Michael projected from the stage was clearly unlike any performer we had ever seen! If you watch his hands closely during a performance, there are times when you'll see the fingertips on his free hand fluttering like the wings of a hummingbird - pure energy! And this is only one very subtle example. It was an energy that came through him or from a source deep inside which responded to the music, traveled through his entire body and commanded it to move in ways that were not always predictable! People who have performed with Michael have said that they had to be prepared to improvise during a performance because Michael would sometimes do something entirely different than what they had rehearsed, depending on how the music or the audience was moving him! Michael himself stated in the infamous 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey that he wasn't always aware of certain dance moves he would do during a performance - he was just responding to the music. You can't teach that!

Michael shared some of his own reflections about his natural gift of dance in his writings, one of my favorites being from “Dance of Life” in his book Dancing the Dream:

“…my body has always been moving. Since childhood I have reacted to the moon this way, as her favorite lunatic, and not just hers. The stars draw me near, close enough so that I see through their twinkling act. They’re dancing, too, doing a soft molecular jiggle that makes my carbon atoms jump in time.”

This speaks volumes about the creative soul of this musical genius we had in our midst for 50 years. Michael's carbon atoms have been jumping in time since his birth in 1958! He was truly magical and, as some have said…other-worldly!

With an intense charisma on stage and a shy nature off stage, his complex blend of personality traits would intrigue the public and the media for his entire life. As a young entertainer he sang ballads with the soul of a mature man, expressing emotions through his voice that only a person with a rich history of life experiences would know or understand. When asked by interviewers about his ability to understand the mature themes of many of his songs, he humbly proclaimed, “I just feel it… I don’t sing it if I don’t mean it.” This single statement spoken as a young boy would establish an understanding of everything he would sing for the rest of his life! Michael taught us how to feel the music. And his commitment to offer only music that he honestly believed in set the stage for a lifetime of delivering messages through his lyrics and passionate performances that would take the world by storm, grab our attention and never let us go!

Michael knew from a very early age that he was gifted and that he was to use his gifts to bring joy to people and, once famous, to use his success for good. He just seemed to understand that, which in and of itself is an amazing kind of awareness for such a young person. I recently read an article in which one of his brothers stated that Michael was still quite young when the Jackson5 did a benefit performance at a children’s hospital. After coming home from that performance, Michael spent the night crying in his room because he couldn’t bear to see all those sick children. It was then that his “real work” began as he started writing letters to children in hospitals, just reaching out and being friendly, hoping to bring some joy into their lives. Many of these children were near his own age. Can you imagine any other 9 or 10 year old doing the same thing? This kind of compassion is usually not something that comes naturally to children at such a young age, especially those that are rising stars. You can’t teach that! This would be the beginning of a lifelong quest of Michael’s to make the lives of ill or disadvantaged children around the world just a little bit better by visiting them, inviting them to his Neverland Ranch, or sharing his resources with them in whatever way was needed. A deeply generous man to the very end, he left the world a much better place with his kind heart and compassionate spirit!

As his career and his fame progressed, he never lost touch with his Divine partner and he always recognized that his gifts were not of his own making, often stating that he was the instrument through which the music and the dancing were delivered. Whenever I see a picture of Michael as a young boy looking as if he’s deep in thought, I wonder if those were the times he was thinking about his life’s purpose. Was he planning even then his strategy for delivering the messages he knew we needed to hear? Did he understand the magnitude of what he was sent here to do, and how he was to do it? Looking back on his life’s work and all the ways he got our attention and prepared us for those very important messages, it seems as if it was all planned ahead of time - choreographed to make the most powerful impact at just the right moment in time! Could this be? Was he aware of this early on? Is it possible for someone so young to understand this kind of thing - to establish a mission and to see it through, never losing track of the goal throughout his entire life? If so, his instincts were tuned in to a much higher frequency than the rest of the world. You can’t teach that!

In the early years, Michael was often called an “old soul”, and as he matured he carried with him into adulthood the heart of a child. It was this childlike spirit that would endear him to children all around the world. Just as he was drawn to their innocent souls, they too would be drawn to his gentle nature and his magnetic and innocent charm. They felt safe with him, as well they should have! He had only the purest kind of love in his heart for them and they instinctively knew that. Today, there are many young children around the world who are being drawn to the magnetism and sparkle of Michael Jackson through his music. They are his youngest fans, learning of him since his death from their parents and grandparents. They are feeling his magic, dancing to his beat, and learning the lessons he taught us through his example and his music. His love and his energy are infectious. There is a magical kind of joy that comes through the frequency of his voice and the music that just makes you want to move and dance and sing along! Children can feel it, and they respond to it. And I can confidently say that any adult who is in tune with their own inner child can feel it also, and they respond to it as well! Michael said as much in his poem “Magical Child” from his book Dancing the Dream:

If you could for one moment know
This spark of creation, this exquisite glow
You would come and dance with me
Kindle this fire so we could see
All the children of the Earth
Weave their magic and give new birth
To a world of freedom with no pain
A world of joy, much more sane
Deep inside, you know it’s true
Just find that child, it’s hiding in you.

Michael's youngest fans, children of all ages, will be the ones sharing his messages, passing them along for generations to come. They will see the world become a better place because of him. And they will be the first to tell you, there's just something about Michael!

Although Michael is no longer physically present on this earth, his energy and his love live on through the millions of people who have heard his messages, received his love and who have been touched by the immense light he left in our hearts.

May the Force of Love continue in your name, dear Michael..."One who is most like God!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Did You Know?

Did you know how special you were from the beginning?
God’s gift for you, unparalleled dancing and singing!
Did you know your gift would take you to the cosmos,
Far beyond anything anyone’s ever known?

Did you know how much of an impact you would make?
Our love and attention would be yours for the taking.
Did you know that millions would scream at your feet?
Hearts pounding, heads spinning, reeling from your passion and heat!

Did you know how badly the world needed your help?
You would teach about loving and giving, forgetting yourself.
Did you know all the work you did here on earth
would show your true colors, your sacred worth?

Did you know some would hurt you before they would love you,
Judging your actions without really knowing you?
Did you know you would be crucified for all you believed in,
Enduring much pain for the wages of their sin?

Did you know you would have to leave your children so soon,
Paying the price for your fame and fortune?
Did you know our hearts would break into a million parts,
Never to be fully whole again?

Did you know your true genius, your heart, your depth,
Would be so misunderstood until after your death?
Did you know that people who barely knew you existed
Would sit up and take notice, be amazed by your gifts?

Did you know that we would finally understand
Your soul, your innocence, your goodness, your plan?
Did you know we were paying attention all along?
We just didn’t realize what we had…‘til you were gone.

Did you know generations of new fans would come around?
Toddlers to seniors singing and dancing about!
Did you know your popularity would grow beyond measure?
The rest of the world finally appreciating your treasure!

Did you know that your love would be felt ‘round the world?
Changing hearts and minds, transformed like a pearl.
Did you know your messages would be heard ten-fold?
When This Is It showed the truth, your genius to behold!

Did you know we would ultimately “get” your passion
for life, for love, and for the children?
Did you know our lives would never be the same?
Knowing you and loving you, we could feel your pain!

Did you know you would inspire a world full of soldiers
to carry your message, broadening our shoulders?
Did you know we would come together in your name,
teach the world your lessons and tell them why you came?

Did you know how much God must have loved you,
Sending you here to show us what to do?

Did you know how very much we loved you then,
And how much more we love you now?
Until the end…of time!

Copyright © 2010 by Charlene Burgess


  1. Oh, my goodness. That is just scary,Charlene. LOL! Cut it out, Mike, you are scaring me!

    Did you know that the words "Did you know" have been going round and round in my head for a little more than a week? Did you know that I attempted to make some use of them, but had to discard my attempts as not very good? Did you know that I tried to write a poem using these very words? But ... NO ... I am not a poet. I don't seem to be able to express myself with that medium. But you sure can! Methinks I am jealous! :)

    That's just plain freaky! Talk about goosebumps!

  2. Just plain freaky, indeed! Major goosebumps! Even moreso after recently being on the same wavelength with the History theme. What's he up to, d'ya think? Is he just messin' with us - having some fun? Methinks so - there's that irrepressible giggle again! ;~)

    When I was working on this piece last week, I was debating whether to use this poem which I had written in March. Yes, the "Did you know" idea was floating around in March and I happened to catch it as it floated by. I guess "someone" knew it had already been used when it tried to plant itself in your head - sorry! You should try poetry again - this situation may have been a fluke!

    Seriously, I really admire the way you write. Your words are always so expressive and they flow so beautifully. You could take anything you write and turn it into poetry. Try it! I have had the experience several times of writing a journal entry (straight prose) and sensing a poetic flow to some of my words, I will later translate the entry into a poem. I would be happy to share an example with you...or maybe I could post one here. Hmmm...

    I just wanna thank you, Jan, for your regular comments here on my little blog. I'm like a kid at Christmas every time I see a new comment posted, I get very excited! God Bless You!

  3. Charlene dear,

    amazing! amazing! amazing!
    I was sitting infront of my PC when the midnite calls, it's August 28, I said to myself, Happy Birthday Michael! I gazed the calendar at my right, It's My MJ calendar, and noticed that it's still July so I changed to August. the picture shows Mike when he was about 9 years old, the Jackson 5 ERa. I smiled, lit a candle and uttered a prayer. Everytime gazing at it with his inquisitive wondering beautiful eyes!

    Everytime I am watching his performance almost every nite, and its ending, all I could feel is sadness...because I wish that its forever?? Geez!

    when God created Michael, he really made him very especial!!!!! HE WAS A SUPERLATIVE!He rocked the Stage and put his whole energy! for every mome, he sweat down to ho the tips of his toes! HE'S JUST THE HUMAN LIGHTNING! He inspired every single soul when he performas! He was the beauty and magic of Human nature! HE'S THE PROPHET OF MUSIC AND DANCE! And MICHAEL is the true spirit that will forever live in our hearts!We miss HIM, but cry no more, let's celebrate his LIFE!!!

    Great post my friend! loved it!
    Lots of lvoe from Germany


  4. OOOps sorry for the technical errors, I'm so in a hurry! see you soon! on line! have a great day!!!

  5. Yeah, Charlene - I'm the same way. I just love it when I see that someone's been to withachildsheart and they leave me a little message in passing. But, then, I've always been that way. Even when 'Fan in the Mirror' was online. I had my regular callers. Fewer with my current blog, but it's not the quantity - it's the quality. I think it's just finding a way and a place to express some of that emotion that makes me feel that I am doing my part.

    Back in the day, I used to write lots of stories starring our favorite subject. There were a couple that were a bit racy and then there was one where I had him meet an angel. I loved that one a lot.

    I still have a lot of them and I still dabble in story writing occasionally. I just love it, particularly if I can write about Michael. My writing isn't as expressive when I'm writing about something else. It's like he gave me this gift back in the 1990s and expects it to be used to defend and support him.

    And that's how I use it. Do you see?

  6. Mariacorazon - Love the HUMAN LIGHTNING metaphor! Can I borrow it? LOL!

  7. Oh, yes I do see! I feel the same about my writing. I received a very clear message from him right in the middle of writing a poem several months ago. The path I was on with the poem took a sudden turn after I asked the question, "How am I to be inspiration for all humanity?" The answer came in the words that flowed through me then that I was to use this new gift that he had prepared for me to inspire others. Fuel to keep us strong for the journey, you know? Because that's what he's given me whenever I get discouraged! What is it he said in Dancing the Dream?..."I receive the gift only to give it away." I just know that's what he wants me to do. Because we have to hold each other up, keep each other inspired to do his work when things get tough, right?

    Most everything I've written so far has been about Michael, or inspired by him. I'm like you in that my writing isn't as expressive when I'm writing about something else. I often wonder if that will always be the case. Whatever it is has to come from my heart, and he's my main sqeeze right now (and will be for a very long time to come, I'm sure!)

    I would love to read some of the stories that you wrote before! I hope you will share...;~)

    Speaking of leaving comments on blogs, I have been wanting to post a couple of comments on your site. I should be able to get to it tonight. I'll be home in a couple of hours and will do it first thing!

    LOVE to you...

  8. Hi "withachildsheart" really??? well by all means! I was really wondering what shall I use to describe Michael? between Rainbow and Human Lithning! and I decided for the latter!It's a Mother nature's force that CRACKS THE WOLRD!It's ELECTRIC!!!!hmmm I love your name withachildsheart is one of my favourite songs of MJ too! Take care Jan! God Bless

  9. Charlene,
    Did you know that you just expressed what millions of fans wanted to say about MJ? I love your poem and your blog! This is so beautiful. Expresses so clearly what the world needs to learn and some are learning about the real Michael Jackson. Again my friend just beautiful. Thank you for so graciously sharing your heart.
    Your poem reminds me of the Christian Christmas song "Mary Did you Know?" Just as Mary loved and held her little baby Jesus so innocent and sweet but knew he was different. Sent by God. Katherine held MJ as a baby and knew he too was different with a calling from God.
    I know Michael never walked on water & is not God...but the pictures of Jesus in the below video remind me so much of Michael. Michael truly walked as Jesus did as he emulated the LORD in his life. Then was tormented and crucified for greed. Two lives so similar. One God and one called by God.


    LOVE & blessings my friend. Looking forward to your next sharing.

  10. Thank you, dear Charlene,your poem is great Inspiration! it reflects our thoughts! Amazing!
    Also I read previous post and can share
    My Easter Reflection:

    Such spiritual personality as Michael Jackson do change the world by bringing very strong moral awareness "Heal the World with Love and Wholeness".
    MJ carries Jesus' message that Love is important, be childlike and innocent, always love.
    Jesus said on the cross: "IT is finished".
    But it was just the beginning.
    Michael announced: "This Is IT".
    But it's not the end. It's a promise.
    The Dream continues...
    Let's keep his Dream A.L.I.V.E.
    A-Awareness, L-Love, I-Involved, V-Victory,
    E-Eternal Life.

    Always L.O.V.E.

  11. My reflection for MJ Birthday:

    Happy Birthday our LIGHT-Michael!
    It is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.
    We Had Him and we knew nothing...
    Now we Have Him and we know
    Michael Jackson is LIVING SPIRIT of LOVE...
    Who continues to live in all of US.
    We Unite and spread the Message of
    Eternal L.O.V.E.
    To make the World a Better Place TOGETHER!
    So Dream will become Reality!


    Always Love. Sveta.

  12. Maria,
    I also love the Human Lightning metaphor! When I think of Michael, I think of electricity - in its most powerful form of lightning! Yes, it is a force that cracks the world, just as the force of Michael's love cracked our hearts and souls wide open!! That's powerful stuff, and that's our Michael. He never did anything in a small way!
    Love to you Maria,
    ~ Charlene

  13. Dear Sveta,
    Thank you so much for sharing your reflections - they are beautiful! I especially like the line from the Easter reflection:
    'Michael announced: "This Is IT".
    But it's not the end. It's a promise.
    The Dream continues...'

    Love to you,
    ~ Charlene ~

  14. Betty, Thank you dear!!
    You know, I didn't even think about the song "Mary Did You Know" when I wrote this poem, but you're so right! When I wrote it in March, it was at a time when I was OFTEN asking myself the question "Did He Know?" I was beginning to believe more and more that he DID know much more than we may ever realize and that's when the questions came to me. It was like what Michael said about writing music..."Something in the heavens has to say, look, this is the time this is gonna be laid on you and this is when I want you to have it." That's what it felt like anyway.

    It took me a while to feel comfortable putting it out there for others to read because I wasn't sure if other people were wondering the same things, you know? But now I think there is more acceptance that there are many unknowns when it comes to Michael's life and what it was all about. And when you say that Michael's life was like Jesus' life in many ways, this is no great surprise, really, because as you said, Michael emulated Jesus in his life. This was something he strove for because of his strong faith. It's what we should all strive to do - he was just showing us how to do it!

    I look forward to watching the video you sent. My computer's sound device is not working properly right now and the videos are skipping when they play. I'll watch it as soon as I'm able.

    LOVE to you Betty!
    ~ Charlene

    P.S. I just looked up the date that I wrote this poem - March 25 - exactly 9 months after Michael died. I remember having another amazing "Michael-incident" on that same day which I wrote about in my journal. Hmmm... Sometimes there are just these odd little connections, you know? Can't always explain 'em.