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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who Knew?

Light of my life
Hope of my soul
Desire of my heart
Who knew it would be you?
And that you would be who you are?
To the world
To the children
To the heavens and the earth

Of Sacred worth
In communion with all that you are
Mystic... Shaman... Angel of God
Love personified
Dreams electrified
High art in human form
Mystery of our time
Power sent forth to heal the world

Dancing the dream
You endured such pain
Body and blood, heart and soul
Given to heal our sickness
Would take its toll
Our shadow was to blame
Now, we bow our heads in shame

Who knew it would be you?
Brilliant light cast upon the earth
Touching souls
Collecting and gathering
We, your children, into the fold
Before you would exit
Leaving us to be
Your messengers of love
To carry on your dream
Of a world filled with peace
Joy and harmony

Who knew it would be Us?
We are your children
Your chosen ones
Are we up to the task?
Do we have what it takes?
Do we even need to ask?

It's time to take the world by storm
To make truth and justice simply the norm
No more questions
No more doubts
It's time to teach the world
What this thing is all about
With love at the core of all we do
We'll be your voice
We'll tell them...
It was You!

It was you who believed in us all along
That's why you never stopped singing your song
You knew it would be us
Your love was the fuel
Igniting this fire
You knew we'd make a fuss
And carry on your desire

Mystic... Shaman... Angel of God
Love personified
Dreams electrified
Light of our lives
Hope of our souls
Power sent forth to heal the world
Who knew it would be you?

God knew... that's Who

Copyright © 2010 by Charlene Burgess


  1. Charlene, Lovely, inspiring, beautiful. I will always be following my heart, to do my part. Thank you for writing it so simple and clear.

  2. Brenda,
    Thank you dear for your beautiful message, so simple and clear. You have already done so much with your wonderful book! I look forward to your next project. I love to hear the stories of how these ideas come about. And seeing you follow it through to completion is very inspiring. Thank you for your perfect example!

  3. Oh my goodness, Char ... this is so beautiful ... and so moving ... and so telling! Thank you for your poesy ... I wish I had that talent and had such a voice for that ... apparently my voice goes in a different direction ... but he needs all our voices in his chorus line!

    This is beautiful! And so very, very true. How is it that we all see something to ethereal ... and yet earthy ... in this one individual.

    I am blessed by him ... and in his blessing he gave me you as a dear friend and correspondent (if you ever stop workin yourself to death and get back into our discussions.) I am grateful!

  4. Charlene, my friend your writing is so expressive and just beautiful. You also find the most amazing pictures, just breathtaking.
    Thank you for sharing your heart & your love of Michael with us.
    Much LOVE,

  5. Dear Char,

    Such a beautiful and lovely poem and yes I believe it too: all of us who are so affected by him, the lucky ones before he passed, me only at the moment of his passing onwards, but I feel blessed, touched and inspired and my fire within has been ignited to pass on his message to the world but more importantly to live it, be the message, be loving and caring and envision our highest goal so it may become a reality.
    Thank your for your gift with words and I simply love that last image. Did you make this ? If not, where did you find it ? It's magical!


  6. Jan...
    Your words and your friendship bless me! Yes, this symphony we are all a part of requires a wide range of abilities to make it beautiful and whole. Just as in the music he composed and so meticulously arranged, all the pieces and parts must be there to make it complete. One without the other leaves it feeling empty and soul-less. I think he planned it that way, don't you?
    Love to you...
    ~ Char ~

  7. Betty...
    It is always a joy to have you come by and leave your heartfelt comments. Thank you for the blessing of your friendship!
    Love & Peace to you dear friend,
    ~ Char ~

  8. Elmira...
    I am so grateful for your friendship and your inspired presence! I agree, we must live the message if we are to make a difference in this world. Others will only hear and believe what we are saying if we are BEING the love we speak about and emulating it from our very souls!
    That last image is pretty amazing isn't it? No, I didn't make it, but I've had it in my collection for some time. Unfortunately, I don't remember where I found it and since it has no markings on it, I haven't a clue where to look. Sorry! I would love to give credit to the artist because I think it is wonderfully inspired. I love artwork that is simple, but makes a powerful statement in its simplicity. It is magical, isn't it?
    LOVE you!
    ~ Char ~

  9. Nancy2 said...(via facebook)
    Wow! Charlene, Love this! You write so well!!! Love to read your poetry!
    Thank you! Love you honey!!

  10. Tammy said...(via facebook)
    Thank you Charlene....Loved it....Thanks for the follow on mine....

  11. Mjmy Sleepingangel said...(via facebook)

    awwwww speechless *bow*

  12. Nancy1 said...(via facebook)
    I like that part: we are the messengers of love, to carry on Michael's dream of joy, peace and harmony. I totally believe that!
    Wonderful poem!

  13. Veronica said...(via facebook)
    Char, I love your poem. As usual is very delicate and beautiful..reflects the beautiful love that God inspires to your heart. My favorite part?

    "Light of my life
    Hope of my soul
    Desire of my heart
    Who knew it would be you?
    And that you would be who you are?
    To the world
    To the children
    To the heavens and the earth"

    You know? when reading this I think, Michael, I can't see God's face or hear his voice, but my angel when I see your sweet eyes, your smile or hear that music from your heart I feel close to my God....

    Thanks Char.....After reading this poem I believe I now know why you are a Starlight!

    Love you always, soul sister

  14. Mabi said...(via facebook)
    Thank you, Char...As always, you touch my soul with your lovely words...
    Are we the ones he chose?? I hope so...I hope to make good things for the people as he teach. ♥

    Oh, Char..I´m very proud that I am in your so lovely blog. Of course you can copy...I´m so grateful to you, because without knowing me, you send me such amounts of love.
    As I told you before, my poor english make me very difficult to expess all my feelings.
    I think the magic that Michael was his entire life, a child in his heart. That is like Jesus told...if you don´t remind like a child....
    The innocence and love of the kids is what we lose when grow up. But Michael didn´t. We have to fight and try to be better persons for him, for God, for us and for everyone.
    Love you, Char and thank you...♥

  15. Linda H said...(via facebook)
    "Power sent forth to heal the world" - I love those words! Very moving blog post.

    Lots of love Char.

  16. Donita said...(via facebook)
    Charlene, your words are always so beautiful, so powerful! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us! Bless you my precious friend!

    Much L.O.V.E. to you!!

  17. Mari said...(via facebook)

    thank you for sharing.♥
    I totally agree

  18. Marjolein said...(via facebook)

    "To make truth and justice simply the norm"
    How wonderful that would be...

    Thank you Char, for sharing your gift with this world. Your words are amazingly wonderful and so full of LOVE. They are healing this world and they touch my heart every time... Thank you!

    And the last picture with the hands of Michael and God..... Wow!

    LOVE to you and a big hug!

  19. Julia said...(via facebook)

    Thank you Charlene, it's beautiful and true ♥
    Wish you a nice weekend too!

  20. Nora said...(via facebook)

    Charlene, you're Gift is inspiring!
    LOVE, Nora