MJ Reflections

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rest in My Radiant Presence

When the world around you
seems to spin faster and faster
until everything is a blur,
When the challenges you face
are consuming you,
Go to that cushion of calm
at the center of your soul
where you live in union with me.

Return to this soothing center
as often as you can,
For this is where you are energized…
filled with my Love, Joy, and Peace.
The world is a needy place;
do not go there for sustenance.
Instead, come to me.
Depend on me.
And your weakness will dissolve
into nothingness
as I saturate your being
with my Light.

When you find your completeness
in the Power of my Love,
you can help other people
without looking to them
to meet your own needs.

Live and rest in my radiant Presence,
precious one.
And your light will shine brightly
into the lives of others!

Copyright © 2012 by Charlene Burgess


  1. Once again, this is so wonderful Char! Thank you so much for this post, it spoke to my heart!

    I long for the day when our world will be a place of peace and love.. I really do.. God bless our world..

    People seem so in despair that they're just not being themselves anymore, and all the agressivity and meanness are leading their lives. It's so difficult for me to live among this... But I keep praying.. Thank God I have beautiful friends and family to cheer me up a little =)

    Much love to you and to dear Michael!

  2. Thank you for sharing Charlene. This is beautiful and I LOVE the image of Michael on the top of this page. Wow!

  3. Hi dear! Just stopping by to know how you're doing =)

    much love!

    1. Hello Mayra!
      So sweet of you to stop by and check on me. It's true I have not been very active lately. There have been a lot of changes happening in my life which have required much time and focus. I'm also being led in new directions with my writing and things I am feeling called to do for Michael. He continues to lead me through unexpected twists and turns on this incredible journey. I hope to publish a book of my poetry & reflections one of these days, which would be very exciting if I could ever get it done - LOL!

      How about you? I hope life is treating you well.

      Much Love to you, dear!

  4. This is great, you must be happy with new things coming to your life! Go ahead Char, don't stop! :)

    Good luck with the book! It'll be wonderful, for sure, and I hope your intentions will reach even more people who maybe haven't found your blog. There's always more space on our oness, right? We're all creating a big family!

    Well, I've been ill these days, couldn't go to work. At least I'm resting a little.. Still very difficult for me, I feel like a fish out of the water and keep searching for another job. But I have faith that God will help. Besides this, I'm doing good (LOL...) things are peaceful with my family.

    Much love!