MJ Reflections

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


“There is a medieval belief that angels want to sing to us. It makes them happy to do so. All we have to do is listen.” ~ F. David Peat

“As we journey through our lives, may we walk with awareness of our accompanying angels, knowing we may experience them in many ways. Angels may bring comfort when we are suffering, peace that calms raging inner wars, hope in times of despair. And during normal, everyday times, when nothing significant seems to be happening and we seem to be just plodding along, our angels, with their gentle humor, joy, laughter, and warm presence, can add a wonderful lightness to our lives. IF, that is, we remember to ask them for what we need! Be sure to include your angels in all your days; be open to their surprises, talk to them, ask them for any help you need, from the most mundane to the very important. You may be amazed at what happens -- and don’t forget to thank them for always being there!” ~ Anne Strader

“No one on earth could feel like this,
I'm thrown and overblown with bliss
There must be an angel
Playing with my heart.”
~ Annie Lennox & David A. Stewart

“Living with an awareness of the companioning presence of angels . . . we come to realize angelic joy is working with us, surprising us, and reminding us that we are loved beyond measure. Limit not the myriad ways your angelic companions may knock on the door of your heart. Spending time in the Silence draws them nigh.” ~ Nan Merrill

“Blessed are You, Who understood my tears,
You comfort me with love's embrace.
Though my eyes cannot see You,
I feel your gentle Presence,
like angel wings lifting my spirit.
You turn my mourning into joy,
I dance to a new song.
Blessed are You, O loving companion
of my heart.” ~ Nan Merrill

“... walking and talking with an angel is really fundamentally no different from walking and talking with an ordinary human being. Both the angel and the person are expressions of the ultimate mystery; both are emanations of the Beloved ... There is only one sacredness and we all have it.” ~ David Spangler


  1. Beautiful quotes, Char! Thank you for posting =)

    Dear Michael is a real angel to all of us... We know how buzy he is and still he comes to cheer us up, or to leave a message..


  2. Thank you Charlene. I enjoyed this very much. God Bless You!! - Love, Bonnie